About us

As we continue to progress on our journey as humans living with modern day technology, during work and play, it is becoming more and more important for us to present ourselves in the best light possible.

Social media has essentially created a new way to communicate with our network of friends and family – both near and far. It is also, without a doubt, here to stay.

We have witnessed social media create celebrities out of ordinary lives. We have seen it form global human rights movements such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo. It has even brought criminals to justice, reunited loved ones with their lost pets, and even created new loves and relationships on its own.

As each day passes, social media channels grow as new content – videos, photos, audio and accounts are added.

This rapid expansion combined with the increasing struggle to grab and retain someones attention, is an ever-growing issue for those trying to market and offer their products, services and message to the world.

To address this ever growing and constantly changing concern, The Mediagrapher Group was established to produce premium videos, photos and 360 Virtual Reality to take your social media presence to a new level.

Our roots go back to 1999 at the advent of widespread adoption of cable/DSL internet. When Flash animation and Shockwave games began to invade brand new 1gHz Pentium III computers (One may even say we go back further to a time when Commodore 16s roamed the Earth, but some things should remain in the 80’s)

As the years passed and technology slowly went from clunky CRT monitors and 28.8kbps dial up modems into handheld screens capable of Googling any question you may have wherever you are, The Mediagrapher Group has grown along with it.

It is our goal to bring our vision, experience and talent to your social media campaign.