Easy 1-2-3 Step Guide: Preparing for a PHOTO or VIDEO Shoot

So you have decided: YES! I want to produce a stellar video for my business, or you want to set up that photo shoot for your product line. Perhaps you need a photographer to attend your event to capture your guests and all the highlights; you may even want to take a step into the future and capture 360 Virtual Reality of your retail store or classroom.

The question now is: Where do I begin?

We have created a step by step guide to help your prepare a smooth and seamless production!


Where are we going to shoot the video or photos? Does it matter? Would you prefer it to be in a studio? Outdoors? Indoors but in a place of your selection?

Location does matter in a sense that it has to complement the video or photos taken.

If you find yourself struggling to figure this out, The Mediagrapher Group can certainly help


Do you require a model? Voice over? Film extras?

In some instances, these are things that only you can provide, but in other instances, you may require some assistance

We have connections with industry talent and agencies that you bring your production to a whole other level


Can you take a song you like, and edit a video to it? No. That is copyright infringement and it is illegal (Yes, even if it is a little portion of it) Can you take a quick video clip from a TV show or a YouTube video you saw? No. You can not. Copyright, is essentially the owners rights to copy/reproduce the work.

So what do you do if you want an epic soundtrack for your video? We can help guide you to a solution!


Sometimes you can make it up. Sometimes filming is of a live event, but other times you need a script. Something that is prepared and rehersed so you know that you address everything you want to say.

The Mediagrapher Group can prepare your script for a teleprompter to help you on shoot day!


Consider props, clothing, make up, and hair styling for your photo/video shoot. They may seem like small things, but it’s these small things can be the deciding factor that will either make or break how you audience feels about you.


There are a whole lot of considerations that you may not be aware of – things related to production that we, the ones behind the lens of the camera, MUST consider.

Much like the previous point, these are “The Details” for film producers and photographers. This encompasses elements such as lighting, the type of camera used, number of cameras used, camera settings, shoot times (in the event of an outdoor shoot), right of way permits, location permits, usage of stabilizers, post-production, photo/film resolutions, lens filtres… the list goes on and on.

Our experience and knowledge helps guide us towards making the RIGHT decision for your shoot.


How long did you want the shoot to last? Can you realistically do all the things you want to in the time you have set? Will certain things have a chance to run longer than expected?

Consider this carefully, one mis-timed event, and a 4 hour shoot can easily go to 8 hours or worse – you may run out of time!

With all of this in mind, you may come up with the answers easily, or you may be on the fence about some things. Contact us if you need any help or have any questions!

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